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Finance Manager

The recruiter gave me valuable insights into the company, team and the community. Thank you for partnering with me in my most recent job search.

Nurse Educator

A very professional team … I would recommend this company for anyone looking for a position in a healthcare group. They helped me to get a suitable job, following through after the interview all the way to starting the job! It is a great experience


Magnus was great to work with in the entire recruitment process. They are readily available, polite and helpful. Best of all, they found me a position that was a great match for my interests and abilities.


The team not only informed me completely of an opportunity that fit my background, they were there with me through the whole process of healthcare recruitment, keeping me updated, preparing me for the interview. I look forward to working with them again possibly as a client or as a candidate


I had the opportunity to work with Magnus. They helped me to find a right opening, also they ensured that I was provided with the information that I needed so that I could make an educated decision regarding the organization itself. I highly recommend them…..

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